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2018 Christmas gifts for designers

3 min read

Stuck on a Christmas gift for a designer friend? Or someone in your family? We have lots of designers here at Drift that have spent hours researching the gifts they would want. Be stuck no longer! And if all else fails, get them a puppy.

Pantone Board Game – $23.25

  • A board game just for designers? Yes please.


External Battery Pack – $35.99

  • Because running on low battery is every designer’s worst nightmare


Leather Bracelet for Coffee Lovers – $24.00

  • A trendy minimalist must have. And let’s face it, your designer friend drinks coffee.



Reed Diffusers – $28.00

  • A fresh smelling office is crucial for maximum creative output.



Typographic Greeting Cards – $9.93

  • Everyone can use a little typographical inspiration



Pantone Mug – $18.00

  • Your designer friend will get it. Promise!



Field Notes – $12.95

  • This is what “cool” paper looks like.

Etch-a-sketch – $27.99

  • Nothing like an old school etch-a-sketch to get the creative juices flowing


Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave by Jessica Hische – $12.75

  • Perfect for the designers who have little ones at home



Feck Perfuction: Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life by James Victore – $19.95

  • Grab James Victore’s newest book



DKNG Playing Cards – $12.00

  • Beautifully designed playing cards. Can’t go wrong here.


Apple Pencil – $129.00

  • If you’re designer friend doesn’t have one yet, they’ve been eyeing it for quite a while!


Brand by Hand: Blisters, Calluses and Clients: A Life of Design by Jon Contingo – $25.47

  • Grab Jon Contino’s newest book. Jam-packed with incredible typography.

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