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Amplifying Your Edge: When Communicating Your Differentiator Changes the Game

3 min read

Hey there, business trailblazers! Welcome back as we continue to navigate the exciting world of brand differentiation. Together we’re about to tackle a crucial aspect of the journey: effectively communicating your unique differentiator. Sometimes, the key to your brand’s breakthrough isn’t just about identifying what sets you apart, but how you convey it to the world.

The Art of Shouting It Out Loud

Discovering your unique differentiator is a game-changer. But what’s even more important is how you voice that uniqueness to your audience. This isn’t just about minor adjustments or a simple logo redesign. We’re talking about ensuring every element of your brand – from your visuals to your messaging – screams your differentiator loud and clear.

Does it sound daunting? Well, let’s put the theory into action with the inspiring transformation story of Bison Coolers.

Bison Coolers: The Triumph of Communication

Originally known as Brute Outdoors, Bison Coolers was just another name in the competitive outdoors equipment market. That was, until we realized their powerful differentiator: their products were 100% American-made, a big win with their target audience of patriotic outdoors enthusiasts.

However, this crucial differentiator was being lost in their original branding. That’s when we decided to overhaul their communication strategy to resonate with this discovery. We changed the name to “Bison”—an iconic American animal. We introduced subtle stars and stripes in their branding to emphasize their all-American manufacturing process.

This wasn’t just a change of face; it was a deliberate communication strategy designed to broadcast their US-made attribute. The outcome? A complete business transformation and exponential growth. The new brand communication strategy not only set Bison Coolers apart but deeply resonated with their audience.

Crafting Your Communication Strategy: The Checklist

So how do you ensure your differentiator is being effectively communicated? Here are some key questions to consider:

  • Is your differentiator clearly reflected in your brand’s visual elements?
  • Does your brand messaging consistently emphasize this unique aspect?
  • Is your differentiator easily identifiable to your target audience in your overall communication?

If there’s room for improvement, it might be time for a strategic communication makeover. With “Drift” by your side, you can navigate this transition smoothly.

The Takeaway: Own Your Differentiator

Your unique edge isn’t just what sets you apart—it’s what deeply connects you with your audience. Ensuring that it’s loudly and clearly communicated can be the difference between blending in and standing out. Remember, Bison Cooler’s transformation may be an extreme example, but even small updates in your language and visuals to align with your differentiator can make a world of difference.

After all, you’re not just another player in the field. You’re YOU. And with Drift guiding you, you can ensure the world sees, hears, and recognizes exactly what that means. So, are you ready to amplify your differentiator?

Stay tuned for our next installment, where we’ll share tips on how to weave your unique differentiator into every aspect of your brand’s touchpoints. Because when it comes to business, it’s not just about being different—it’s about being unforgettably different.

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