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Are you living or simply existing?

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In his book “Getting Unbusy”, Garland Vance discusses how today’s culture of busyness is lowering our productivity and peace. He then offers tips, tricks, and for those brave enough, a very detailed plan to make your life less busy.

While discussing the book, one of our team members brought up a thought-provoking question: what does it mean to live versus exist? So often, our schedules are packed tight like a can of sardines, leaving us hardly any room to live our lives fully. We all chose one tactic from the book to actively pursue. Here are some of our choices:

  • Practice saying ‘no’ & not feeling the need to defend your response
  • Set aside time to reflect on weekly accomplishments
  • Make a list of your dreams & priorities
  • Have a ‘Sabbath Day’ each week away from work to enjoy fulfilling activities
  • Make faster decisions, rather than contemplating all possible outcomes

Work-life balance is very important for us. We did this activity to hold each other accountable. One month from now, we are going to report back to each other with our successes. We challenge you to do the same with your team. For more ideas on how to live an ‘unbusy’ life, check out Vance’s book!

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