Bolger in Minneapolis

September 23, 2009

Bolger In Minneapolis

Minneapolis. A homeless guy asked us to sign his shirt and then convinced us to pay him for it. We rocked out at a Ferry Corsten concert because Tony, the designer we stayed with, was a baller and did the promotional posters for the concert. It wasn’t really our scene but good times were had by all. We found a sweet designer toy shop called Robot Love. We went to an AIGA meet-up at a swanky bar, something that still boggles us. We’ve been able to attend quite a few AIGA meet-ups and they all seem to be in expensive bars. We’ve also noticed half the people that go to these are freelancers that recently lost their job. AIGA: designers don’t have the cash to spend nine dollars on a drink. Try going to a dive bar, so the broke dudes can get drunk enough to network. We met a ton of cool young designers, some still in school and some killin’ it professionally. It was super inspiring. We also met up with Mr. Bolger. We were able to set up a time to meet him at his print shop. “Shop” isn’t the right word, this place was huge. Check out the video for a little tour.

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