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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy Lessons from the Financial Industry

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We’ve provided brand strategy services to a variety of B2B financial agencies and firms in Dallas, Houston, etc. and during our discovery workshops one thing is consistent. Trust. Each time we dive into developing the brand strategy, trust is the primary pillar that supports all other differentiators.

“Can I trust you to make the important decisions with my money, company merger, acquisition, etc.”

“Do I trust that you’re an expert and understand the ins and outs of the laws and regulations relevant to my needs?”

Brand Strategy helps make certain that a foundation is laid to guarantee that every decision, client touchpoint, interaction, etc., reflects a unified front of reliability, confidence, certainty, and ultimately trust. It’s not an easy thing to do. It means caring about every single detail, because every typo, missed deadline, unanswered question, is a tiny crack. As those cracks build up, the Trust you’ve developed or just recently gained starts to wear thin. (I really hope this post is error free.) It’s something that every company must work very hard to maintain – something we struggle with at times.

Once we have an understanding of how Trust can be gained and secured – aka Brand Strategy – for each unique brand, then we can help embolden our clients to do great things.

Learn more about our comprehensive brand strategy programs or shoot us an email hello@driftingcreatives.com.

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