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Business card and post card designs

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Moo.com recently came out with a new business card called the Luxe. It’s a 32pt card, not quite as thick as I imagined, but definitely a serious business card. Check out the video they put together of the card if you’re feeling exceptionally nerdy. If someone hands you one of these, you know they don’t mess around. It comes with a colored (black, white, red, blue) strip down the edge of the card. This is the first time we’ve printed on these and I have to say, they turned out incredible. Moo.com recommends that you do not print full-bleed images. We asked about a light-colored image and they said it would be fine and it was. The photo we used printed perfectly. We also designed some postcards which I’ve included below. The postcards have a spot gloss, which you really can’t see in the photos, but in person it’s a sweet little detail.

Below are the business card designs we did for the Norman Brothers. You can see in the 2nd image the blue strip, that’s not chromatic aberration, that’s the actual color of the card. If you missed our post on the website we designed for them, check it out here. Or if you missed the post on the logo design, check that out here.

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