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Cali Car Troubles

Car troubles in Cali

2 min read

We know it’s a long video but stick with it 😉

Sorry we haven’t updated in a while, we hope this video will make up for it. The starter in our car went out! The element has been very good to us, but it finally had enough. Thankfully we stayed with our friend Justin, in Pasadena, when the car decided to randomly not start. He is a genius with cars and was able to temporarily fix it, but Pep Boys sold us a bum starter. It did get us to Murietta in time for Collekt, but it would take us about 20 key turns to start it. The video explains everything we had to go through to get the car fixed up.

Anyways, huge thanks to @iamgarth and family for letting us crash on their couch. They really helped us out and even let us use their car to run around town while we waited for money to hit our bank account. Garth is also the genius behind Collekt, a monthly meet-up of creative types in the Murietta area. This was only their third meet-up and the place was already filled with a bunch of incredibly talented people. We are continually inspired by all the creative meet-ups we are able to attend. It’s so rad to see the willingness everyone has to help each other out, to collaborate and to create things that could never have been possible alone. No one has brilliant ideas all on their own. When similarly minded people get together, completely transparent and willing to become part of something bigger than themselves, very, very cool things can happen. We’re just stoked we get a taste of this at each creative gathering we’re able to attend. It was awesome to meet everyone at collekt! Thanks for letting us hang out.

@aaroni is the reason we even made it out to Murrieta. We got a chance to hang out with him and did a sweet little interview with him, which will be out shortly. Huge thanks to @aaroni for getting us hooked up in Murrieta.

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