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ColorCubic & Portland

2 min read

Check out these rad posters that @christy_lai and @michael_a_john from ColorCubic hooked us up with. We were super lucky to get set up with these designers. Both of them are incredibly talented and were very real and transparent. We chatted about design for a couple hours and something we had asked in an earlier post came up in the conversation. It was about projects you would refuse to design for whatever reasons. ColorCubic takes a fairly “green” approach to all their design and because of this turn down projects that don’t reflect earth-friendly practices. We think this is pretty cool.

After our chat we headed out to a classic arcade/bar. It was filled with all the old school arcade games like Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter, NBA Jam, etc. After some intense button smashing we helped them install some Ikea shelves in their office — not one of our strengths. We left their studio around 4:30am. We use computers, not drills, but it was worth it because they put us up in a hotel and we had fun hanging out.

What does it take to successfully run a two person design shop like theirs? One could go a hundred different directions with that question but we talked a bit about the hours they keep. It was kinda scary. They mentioned their work schedules are pretty intense and end up pulling all-nighters quite often, a weekly ritual. In the past, clients knew they could contact them anytime because they were always awake working. That was until clients were randomly calling them at 1am and then they started to be a little more discreet about the hours they keep. On a more positive note, this also means they can work when they want to. Work late, come in late. Anyone can see how dedicated these two are by looking at their work, definitely check ’em out.

We also saw this giant crazy looking clown.

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