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Day 1: and the learning begins.

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Quick update (our internet is about to expire):
Location: Galveston, TX.
We slept in the Element last night and it really wasn’t that bad. Martin had a snore-fest around 5am and then a few well placed rain drops exploded on my face around 6am. Other than that, it was delightful. Memorial weekend + Sunday + rain (in the morning) = made things a bit tougher than we expected. We talked to some really receptive small business owners and everyone liked the idea but no jobs here.

The most important thing we learned today was how important it is to plan. We love the idea of just bouncing to whatever city we feel like, but we also realize that if we want to make this work we have to be realistic. We are now in the process of cataloging potential businesses that we could help out in the towns we are headed to. The plan is to head to Bryan, Tx on Monday where we have a client meeting in the morning, for a start-up charity (Headphones for Hope). Tuesday we are heading to Henderson, Texas (bank logo). Then we are heading to Texarkana on Wednesday. We have a place to stay but currently looking for work (aka gas money). Thursday we are heading North-East, we need some cooler weather!

Btw, if you are somewhere along our route, text us and maybe we can meet up and talk design/grab some lunch. Also if you’d like us to stop by, shoot us an email and it will help us plan our route.

Okay, back to work. Hope your Memorial Weekend is awesome.

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