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Headphones For Hope

Day 2: Headphones 4 Hope

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Just passed a goat farm — refreshing after the twenty-thousand cows we’ve seen. Heading NE to Henderson, Texas where we have a project lined up for Tuesday. This morning we had our first client meeting since we’ve been on the road. It went really well, but once again we learned a few things. Keeping the meeting formal is awesome, we just have to remember to ask all the right questions. I’m thinking a check list in the moleskin will work great for our next client meeting. Just so we have a more concrete list and we don’t forget to ask anything real essential.

Wait so you got your first project? Chris and Matt are starting a charity called, Headphones 4 Hope. Basically, they want to help other charities with their fund raising. They are the charity for charities. These guys have a lot of connections with music/art/etc and know how to put on great events. They are just doing their part to help people out and we think it is super awesome.
They came to us with the name (Headphones 4 Hope) and a general idea of the style. They needed a logo and a t-shirt design. We knocked it out and they really liked it. Woo! Check it out.

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