Day 5: Transparency

May 29, 2009


Okay, so, putting ourselves out on the web like this means that we might show some work that we aren’t satisfied with. It’s okay, we want to be completely transparent. The latest project was a website for La Casa Rosa, a Mexican food restaurant in Texarkana, AR. We did it in about 10 hours. We are getting better about coming up with our ideas quicker and faster but we still need work on making them a reality. We’ve done about 4 websites between the two of us. Not one of our strong suits. We are working on this. Regardless, we feel confident the style of the restaurant is reflected in the website. It communicates effectively, there are just some things, given more time, that could be improved on.

The best part about this experience was how cool the client was. She was super nice and even hooked us up with a couple of meals, which were delicious.

What did we learn from this? We learned we need to design within our coding abilities.


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