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Dirk Fowler / Albuquerque

2 min read

Saturday we had some mind-altering-design-theory conversations with Dirk Fowler. Dirk is a professor at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX and he has a design firm, along with his wife, called F2. We took some time to discuss the repercussions of design. Dirk shared some personal stories from when he was first getting into advertising/design, which were really inspiring.
Design is power. As designers we create visuals to produce a message. That message positive or negative affects a given audience in some way or another. It is up to us to be honest with everything we create, right? It is something to think about…
Dirk is also a genius with a letterpress and creates gig posters for clients all over the world. Check out the video for a little letterpress tutorial and a bit of us rambling about design.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces of his. He also sells limited runs of his posters on his website so make sure to check those out!

We arrived in Albuquerque last night. Here is an example of how awesome people are. We met Aaron, for the first time ever, for lunch on Friday, in Dallas. We chatted for about an hour, somewhere in the conversation we said that we were stopping in Albuquerque, but we didn’t have a place to stay. Two days later he set us up with his parents. They have an amazing place tucked away in the mountains, 15 minutes outside Albuquerque. They’ve already spoiled us and we’ve been here less than 24 hrs. Woo thank you!

Here is a bonus video since our last post was lacking one.

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