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31 Ten Apparel

Drift updates & the 31:ten apparel lookbook

2 min read

Happy New Years! 2013 is off to an awesome start. Here are some Drift updates.

1. We have a new office and moved in last week! (renovations took about 3 months, but we’re finally done!) We’ll have Spencer take some pics soon.

2. Both Martin and Spencer moved into new homes, right down the street from each other.

3. Gavin asked an amazing girl to marry him and she said, “Yes!” (Their wedding will be near the end of Summer 2013)

4. We’ve hired on a project manager and her name is Kendra and she is awesome.

5. We had tremenous growth in 2012 and we’re extremely blessed to have worked with so many awesome clients friends.


In the coming weeks, we’ll share some of the projects we’ve been working on the last few months. So keep checkin’ back.

Oh! We recently shot some photos in dallas for the 31:ten Apparel lookbook. Found a cool area out by White Rock Lake where some boy scouts had built a neat little tipi out of big dead pieces of wood. Thanks boy scouts! It made for some cool backgrounds. We had some wonderful models, a talented make-up artist and of course Spencer did an amazing job with the photography. Anna, Spencer’s wife, came out too and helped style the models. She is always a huge help to our shoots. Check out the site we did for 31:tenapparel and here are a few photos. Go here to see the rest.


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