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Kristy and Gavin Wedding Invites

Gettin’ married! Woo!

2 min read

I’m getting married in just under 3 weeks! Woo! My fiancé (check her out in the photo, isn’t she hot?) has put in a ton of work on the wedding and I haven’t been the best help, but I did do the wedding invites! So I thought i’d share. The entire invite was drawn up on our office chalk board. It took about 92 pieces of chalk and many, many hours. I know chalk type is everywhere lately, but it has so much charm and it was incredibly entertaining to work with – so I did it anwyays. Plus it’s always nice to step away from the computer and work in a more hands-on environment.

Someone might suggest that this could have been done on a computer with various filters and effects in far less time. But I don’t think so. I had so many mistakes that looked like something else and then made me think of another way to do do this or that. The hands on process, the erasing, the redoing, the way chalk moves across a rough surface, the way the tip of the chalk piece quickly transforms from a sharped point to a flat round surface, the way the chalk’s stroke can vary if you twist it as you draw, the way it shades, the way chalk pieces break and create super fine edges, etc etc… all of this is on-the-fly, in the moment stuff that you can’t plan. It’s how I’m inspired. I’m inspired in the moments between working, between ideas and during frustrations or happy little accidents. Sometimes I need to step away so I don’t command+z a great idea.

As you can see, it’s a pretty rough chalk board. Kristy and I made it when we first moved into the office. Those little bumps definitely made things a little more challenging to draw certain forms.

It was really tough to erase it all after I finished.

Chalk wedding invites!

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