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Glacier Waterfalls

Glacier Waterfalls and Fat Bears

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On our way to Glacier National Park, we found bears! Real, live, giant black bears. Our car was our cage and we drove through an area that housed four of ’em. It was about as close to real bears as you can get without feeling like a zoo or getting eaten. Photo quality is shoddy because we weren’t allowed to roll the windows down. We practice good bear safety.

Oh, look! Here we are throwing rocks into the glacier lake.

Glacier National Park is easily one of the most beautiful places in the country, the rest of Montanna is a whole lot of nothing. Okay…that’s not entirely true, there are fields of hay. Cows. Five small “towns”. Suicidal deer that hang out next to (on) the interstate. And somehow, there are people scattered about the countryside — living. Needless to say, there wasn’t much for typography or anything really graphic design related but the environmental visuals were incredible, at least in Glacier National Park.

One lane road for most of the drive up top. On the left, the driver could easily touch the rock face and on the right side of the car, the passenger could look out over the ledge to a huge drop below. At times there wasn’t even a guard-rail. We also found a water-fall at the top of the mountain and decided it’d be a good shower spot. Glacier water is cold! Check out the video.

We also drove through hours of this.

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