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Idaho Ink

Idaho Ink

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There isn’t a whole lot in Hayden, Idaho, but we did manage to find some very cool people and do a bit of trade work. We stayed with Dave Van Etten who let us crash in his basement. Dave and his family were super nice and even cooked for us. We also had a chance to meet with Jesh Barlow and Ben Tran. Even though we are in a small town, everyone we met with here is working with clients across the country, these guys are all super legit designers. It was very cool to see people living where they want, but working with clients from across the country.

On a completely different note. Martin decided it was time for another tattoo and found a pretty rad shop (Dan’s Tattoo Shop) that was down for some trade work. Martin busted out a simple splash page that redirects to Dan’s myspace page (where he gets most of his traffic) and in return, Martin got some fresh Idaho Ink. Check out the Video/Photos.

We’re heading to a glacier, about five hours NE from Hayden, ID. Getting on the road now.

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