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Texas Film Festival

Muybridge: Logo process

2 min read

A few months ago we were asked to help out with a logo for the Texas Film Festival. Awesome! Here’s a look at our ideas and final logos. Let us know whatcha think!

The first thought for anything Texas related is going to be the silhouette of Texas, just because it is such a recognizable shape. So that was the first thing we threw out. Then we started researching, texas, film, film history, texas film, film texas, texas in film, film in texas, yadda yadda.

In school I took a lot of classes on animation, specifically one on the history of animation. So one of my first ideas came from a name I remembered, Eadweard Muybridge. Boom! Everything just came together from there. Muybridge is one of the first dudes to put images together to create “moving pictures”. He developed devices to create motion from his photography. He also settled a bet about whether or not all four hooves of a horse are off the ground when it gallops. He did this by a series of photographs taken quickly enough to show the entire run cycle of a horse, proving that all four hooves do come off the ground. See photo!


That’s when I realized we needed to combine something Texas related with his series of images of the horse. The nine-banded armadillo is very Texas. Everyone that has ever lived somewhat in the country in Texas has driven over at least one in their lifetime. It’s a horrible sound. Imagine taking a big bite of really fresh Doritos chips.

As most know, film festivals are usually put on independently and it’s usually a lot of hands-on work by those putting it together. I wanted the typography to have that hand-made feel to reflect the hands-on approach of a film festival. Yeah, it’s cliche, but I think it works here.

So the audience of these film festivals are typically pretty rad people. A little dorky, but smart, young, edgy movie-goers. That means the logo doesn’t need to jump out and slap them in the face. It can be subtle. It can have a little more of a story. It looks cool if you don’t know anything. Everyone knows the armadillo has to do with Texas, but then you hear from a buddy the back story on the logo and suddenly it becomes so much more cool. Well that’s our hope. What do you guys think?


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