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Go Camping

Need inspiration? Go camping.

2 min read

1. See beautiful things. If you’re outside and your eyes are open, it’s really not all that tough to do.

spikey flower

2. Touch everything, unless it’s poisonous. Or it has thorns. Or you think you’re allergic. Or it could bite. Or it’s illegal. Or your mother tells you not to.


3. Nature has the best color palettes, use ’em.


4. Look for lines, patterns and movement. It’s okay to rip off a grassy field for your next project.


5. Dead plants look cool too, don’t discriminate.

dead flower

6. Ponder. Meditate. Pray. Dream. Whatever you’d like to call it. It’s good to get away and just breathe.

leaves and grass

I took these photos about 20 feet from my tent this past weekend at Enchanted Rock state park in Texas. Sadly the camping season is pretty much over in Texas, but we were lucky and the weather was perfect. We spent most of the day on the side of a granite wall climbing my first legit multi-pitch route. Then it rained that evening and didn’t stop until morning, which also happened to be a first. Camping in the rain is not that bad if you have the gear for it and you’re with good company. Anyways, all this to say, go camping. Your brain needs it. When I returned home I felt refreshed and my mind seemed a little less cluttered.

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