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New Work Cafe Eccell

New Work – Cafe Eccell

2 min read

Cafe Eccell has been a staple in College Station for amazing dining for many years. With their recent move, the owners decided it was time for a rebrand. That’s where we come in.

Parents are taking their now college age kids to eat at Cafe Eccell so they can show them where they used to eat as a student. They’ve become a part of the Aggie tradition. It’s pretty cool to get to rebrand something that has that kind of history.  We rebranded them, gave them some zing with a clean, fresh new look. Updated their website design and of course we took all of the food photography. If those images don’t make you hungry, well – they should. That strawberry tart though…

We like good food and cool logos so restaurant branding just seems to be a good fit for us.

New logo! Without going into too much detail, we wanted to give the logo a bit more of a causal feel – to fit the style of the new location while still feeling “gourmet.”


The new website is responsive and so whatever device you’re using to check out the site, you should still get a great experience. The new site boasts a shop where they’ll be selling gift cards and misc. items, as well as a reservation system and large party booking system. Here’s the new site: cafeeccellbryantx.com


During the food photoshoot I sampled as much as possible. How good does this food look?


The new space has been completely transformed and looks amazing. We’re super excited with how everything turned out. More restaurant projects are in the mix, like the new website for Hulabaloo diner, the Village Cafe and a few more that are still top secret. We’ve really grown to love restaurant branding and we’re excited for more.

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