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New Work Part One

New Work – Part 1 of 2

3 min read

Hello, just wanted to share some work that we recently finished up that we’re really proud of. Let us know what you think.


The Dallas Watersports Complex* has been an awesome project for us, especially since I’ve been wakeboarding for about seven years. Be passionate about fields outside of design! Woo! This is an example of how it can pay off. It’s something that is always brought up at conferences (check out our Make/Think video, Sagmeister mentions it..which puts it up there with the ten commandments). Anyways, we designed this rad logo that they’ve been using on everything to promote their launch! So great to see it in action. We also did some sweet business cards for the owners with a cute little map on the back. (We didn’t do their website.) Oh! And we’ve been using 4over.com to print business cards, these DWC cards turned out perfect.

Speaking of cards, here’s our new ones. We’re pretty stoked on using 4over.com, we had a snag with the first set of cards they printed for us but they reprinted them for free and look awesome now. They also have super nice live support people that speak English and say things like “lol” which is awesome. On our cards we used a 16pt paper with a spot UV on both sides. Might be a bit hard to see in the photo but the text on the back of the cards is just the UV.


Another fun project we’re in the middle of is for an interior design business called, Plan it Home. She decided to expand her business and change her name so we helped slip a little freshness into her new identity. Check it out!

Below is her old logo. Her old name was Windodressing and we wanted to make sure her clients still knew that this was her business. So we used the Zapfino font from her old logo and attached the old name to the new one. Once her brand is more established we’ll be able to remove the windodressing part. We think this will be enough to make her audience aware that her brand is really moving forward but it’s still the same business, doing the same great work.


Here’s another fun project for a student band. As you can see we’ve had a pretty wide range of projects lately, which is really awesome. Keeps things exciting. Look for part-2 of our work on Monday. We have a huge website that we just launched and we’re stoked to share.

*What’s a cable park? It’s basically a lake, with towers surrounding the lake. Cables connect to the towers and pull wakeboarders around the lake. It’s an alternative to having a boat, but it has become its own style and there are now a lot of tricks that come from cable riding. It’s pretty rad and if you’re in the Dallas area, definitely check it out when it opens at the beginning of summer.

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