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Marketing, website, and branding tips that convert

One equation for copy that converts.

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Writing good copy is hard. Writing copy that converts? The hardest – but wait – we found a punchy guide to copywriting that kept us reading. Let’s cannonball in.   

First the title: “How to write words that sell like a Florida Snow Cone Vendor on the hottest day of the year” by Cole Schafer, the creator of Honey Copy. Wow – right? Anyone writing words for their business needs this guide. Especially if you want those words to matter. 

Here are some of our favorite nuggets (but there’s a whole platter of nuggets in the full guide you’d be remiss not to devour).

Copywriting is about selling. Getting the reader to do something – buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter, feel seen, sign up for a ridiculous reality TV show.

Copywriting, in short, is made up of three elements: a headline, first sentence, and the body copy. So how do we turn that copy into something that sells?   

  1. First up, a strong headline. It’s arguably the only thing anyone will read. But if it’s killer, someone might keep reading.  So take your time on it. Schafer suggests spending 20% of the time you dedicate to each piece on the headline alone. The goods:
    • Re-imagine overused clichés or idioms
    • Combine opposites
    • Start simple and then make it spicy.

  2. On to the next element – a punchy first sentence. Make your reader curious. A short first sentence can hold a lot of power when done right. Hook the reader early so they don’t get bored before getting to the meat of your work.

  3. Obviously, the body copy is also important – it’s the meat we mentioned. Make that good too. The goal is to create well-constructed and flowy body copy that pulls your reader right along through the piece. Schafer provided many tips for doing this successfully. We listed a few we like most:
    • Create a rhythm with varied sentence length.
    • Adverbs make you sound timid. Don’t use them.
    • Use simple words. 1-2 syllable words are all you need.

It’s an easy equation. 

Strong Headline + Punchy First Sentence + Flowy Body Copy = Words that sell.

If your brand needs better words and a voice that shakes things up – let’s talk. Email us at hello@driftingcreatives.com to set-up a call.

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