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One Fast Buffalo


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Today we met with Ben Jenkins (Founder / Creative Director) and Christine Weber (Sr. Business Director), at ONEFASTBUFFALO. A strategic branding agency, no, seriously these guys are branding rock stars, with a sweet set-up in downtown Dallas. You’ll see what we mean when you watch the studio tour video.

We had some awesome conversation about how inspiring it is to get away from the office. How it is essential for creatives to be confronted with new surroundings and visuals, not just from our computer screens. Ben recently got back from a surf trip. It wasn’t a vacation, it was a temporary relocation of his work space — he surfed during the day and worked his ass off at night, right on the beach.

This may be an extreme example, maybe not so extreme. We’d love to hear any stories you might have for altering your day-to-day work environment. As wireless cards become more accessible, the local coffee shop isn’t going to be the only work-space refresher.

For us, we’re so lucky to be exposed to so many new people/visuals/work-environments. This is one of the most amazing things about what we are doing. “New” is awesome.

HUGE thanks to ONEFASTBUFFALO for letting us come hang out for a bit. If you haven’t already checked out their work, you’re not quick enough. We recommend checking out the work they did for Red Jak.

Here are a few stills from their office.

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