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Panama City

2 min read

Panama City was an amazing end to round one. We got plenty of work, chilled with some very cool people and we were in Panama City, a pretty sweet vacation spot. The first couple of days we were at Branch Records, a very forward thinking record label. Their designer, among other things, Tim Chilcot, worked on a huge mural with us. There should be video of it up soon.

Then we spent a day at the Fresh Ink studio. These guys were hilarious, talented and very creative guys. They started the day out with us wearing fake mustaches. These guys also decided to borrow our idea and take their photography on the road. We designed their promo site. check it out here. Working there seemed more like hanging out, wish we could have had more time.

After a day with Fresh Ink we headed over to the Branch house. Allan Branch is one of the partners of Less Everything. They are a passionate team of ruby on rails developers, designers & marketers. As soon as we showed up that evening, we headed to a small island right off the coast for dinner on the beach. It was unreal.

We did do some actual work while we were with Allan. We worked on a new website layout for SunJammers. You can check out their current layout here.


We’ll be posting interviews of theses dudes over at fuelnetwork.tv
Huge thanks to all the guys that we met in Panama City. Everyone was so good to us and we appreciate every bit of help.

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