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Rose is a leading subsurface assessment SaaS product and we helped revamp everything from the name and logo to the b2b website design. From designing highly technical oil and gas illustrations to simplifying complex product messaging, we modernized a b2b product used around the world.




B2b Oil and Gas SaaS


  • B2B Naming

  • B2B Logo Design

  • B2B Website Design

  • B2B Illustrations

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Rose helps global oil and gas companies make better decisions.

Rose is leading the industry and we just helped them look the part. Simpler messaging for each of the B2B SaaS products and training offerings. Bold identity. Big Type. Badassery in B2B oil and gas.

The Logo

The name Rose is well known in the industry. We simplified the full name and designed a logo that has as much confidence as the software gives its customers.



dotted background Small micro-animation of a spinning plus sign

Designing for B2B SaaS is all about message clarity and the bravery to be bold. B2B doesn’t have to be boring.

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