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That Conference

Since its inception in 2011, That Conference – a conference for software developers – has partnered with us for all branding, messaging, and graphic design needs.


Wisconsin & Texas


Software Developer Conference


  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Messaging

  • Tagline Development

  • Conference Branding

  • Brand Videography

  • Conference Web Design

  • Environmental Graphics

  • Digital Marketing

  • Signage

The Story

That Conference’s founder wasn’t looking to build anything “normal”. It needed to feel like a family reunion, summer camp, or friends hanging out. We made sure the branding and all the graphic design that goes into a 1700 person conference helped create an experience worthy of sharing over a campfire.


That Conference is located in Wisconsin Dells, WI and Austin, TX and it’s at a giant indoor water park. Incredible speakers and workshops are lined up between pig roasts, board game nights, and water park parties. Software developers from all over the U.S. celebrate and learn together. The spirit that we helped communicate has created an engaged, thoughtful, and geeky community.

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What makes THAT Conference so awesome

0 – 1700 Person Tech Conference

Our defining role in developing the strategy, language, and visuals has helped shape the culture and personality of That Conference.

40% Returning Campers Year Over Year

The culture and brand celebrates community, sharing, and family. And software developers love it.

Now in Wisconsin & Texas

That Conference is now hosted by the Kalahari in Austin, TX in the winter, and Wisconsin Dells, WI during the summer.

In 2020 we reimagined That Conference’s digital experience.

Leveraging the community-focused mission, we helped create a digital experience that helps campers connect, and extend the That Conference brand across 365 days. The UI/UX was built for conversion and conversation, with clear call to actions and plenty of quirky illustrations.


See what all the hype is about!

Meet Walter. Over the years, he’s evolved into the biggest That Conference fan.

All year long it’s all he can talk about. “This one time at That Conference” is getting to be so old. We love ‘em, but it gets exhausting.

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Badges, signage, banners, tickets and tees help create an immersive experience. And there’s no shortage of curious woodland creatures.

From the real conference

Check out all the fun!

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