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Round 2: August 1st

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Here’s the deal — we need your help. This next round is going to be pretty epic but we need help spreading the word. We are going to be traveling West(from texas) and then zig-zag our way back across the US. We will be dominating the entire US on this round. So, design community, spread the word. Tell every single one of your friends, we will take whatever help we can get. If you have a place for a us to sleep or a design project for us to work on, or you just want to talk design, let us know!

T-shirts! Leave comments if you want a shirt. We need a bit of seed money to start this next round and so we thought we could print some shirts. If you dig the shirt, leave a comment with your shirt-size and we’ll figure out how many to print. Then you can pay us 15 bucks and we’ll send you a sexy drift shirt. We really appreciate your support.

P.S. Martin is engaged! Woo!



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