Strong brand strategy first. Always.

May 5, 2017

Buildings for people with good finances

Drift works with a good amount of clients in the financial industry, think CPA firms and Financial Advisory firms. Companies dealing with big money transactions whose clients are always in suits – except casual Friday. A number of them approached us about getting a new website because their current websites were outdated. Yes – we do that. Drift makes awesome websites. However, first we make awesome brands. Then we tackle the many touch points of said brand.

A website is a touch point. It’s a major intersection between your brand and your clients and customers. It’s an element of the brand that can be used to disseminate the strategy very effectively to lots of people. However, if the strategy for the overall brand isn’t in place, then typically you have a disconnect. A disconnect isn’t good for the gut. It causes confusion. Humans prefer things to be organized. Take an intro class on design and you’ll learn about Gestalt psychology. We want things to be organized and consistent to form some unified whole. Inconsistencies in a brand’s strategy or execution of said strategy translates to; inefficient, incapable, amateur, unprofessional, etc. Small inconsistencies add up and create ripple effects.

So let’s redesign your website! But after we’ve created a comprehensive brand strategy.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out: hello@driftingcreatives.com


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