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Ketchup Please

Thank You, ketchup please?

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We just want to thank everyone that has been helping us out thus far. Everyone that has been spreading the word, retweeting us, calling ahead for us, introducing us to people, sharing advice, getting us connected, and helping us learn how to do this right. Thank you!

Here is a quick update for the last couple of days.

Omaha to Cincinnati to Lexington to Cincinnati and back to Lexington.
In Cincinnati we  toured the US Digital Partner’s studio and then spent the evening hanging out with a few of the designers.
Huge thanks to all of them for letting us stop by.  We’re waiting on some more content to come through and then we will do a full post on US Digital Partners.

In Lexington we spent a few days with @AMartinDesign. He introduced us to a ton of very cool people. Adam contacted us in the very beginning, which was awesome because we never would have thought to hit up Lexington. We will do a write about our time hanging out with him so look out for it.

Hopefully we find work tomorrow! We are quickly running out of money.

Link to Shadow Hare, Cincinnati’s pepper spraying super hero.

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