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Thank You

Thank You

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While we were on the road we had an overwhelming show of support from so many friends across the country. Thank you! This past weekend we sent out a little gift to the people that helped us out in someway or another. Yes, it is a car freshener and yes the scent is called, “five-months-in-a-car-with-two-smelly-dudes” aka fresh. So keep us on the road and we hope you enjoy. Oh and we signed the cards with the element’s back tire. Check out the vid.

We’ve been off the road for about three months now. Starting a firm has been tough, but everyone’s support and encouragement has made it much easier. We’re sorry we haven’t been able to update the blog much in the last few months. When we were on the road, the blog felt like our job. Now our job is cranking on websites and logos and what not. It’s too easy to put aside a blog update, but this year is going to be a great one and we hope to share as much of it as we can.

For instance! We were lucky enough to be asked to speak at the AIGA Dish student design conference in Nashville coming up in February. So if anyone is going, let us know! We’d love to meet you.

Project news, we’ve got an epic website that we’re finishing up this week! We’re really excited to go live with it and even more excited to share. So check back next week for a post about the project. We also have a couple identity projects / logo designs we will be able to share then too!

Thanks for stopping by.

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