That Conference update

August 24, 2012

That Conference Update

That Conference finished up and was a huge success and we finally got our hands on some images of the event courtesy of the That Conference staff. If you didn’t see our last post about it, go here. Below are some photos with our branding and design work in action.

A ton of people attended That Conference. Most of them were balding or bald.

The logo was used for some pretty rad things. This is a giant stamp.

So much fun was had. Look at those smiles. They’re wearing cool shirts and badges that we designed.

Random guy rockin’ That Conference swag next to a sign. Yes!

This might be the most amazing use of a logo we’ve designed. That Conference had a big pig roast and the logo was branded onto some pig skin. This will be a hard one to top.

Cool dickies shirts for the camp counselors aka speakers/staff.

Tablet stands!

Stoked for 2013.

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