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Junior Designer Position

the beginning

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Bam! Lets start off with who we are:
Gavin Braman and Martin Hooper, partners in this epic quest to design our way across America. We both just graduated from Texas A&M University. After endless amounts of job searching we decided to take a more radical approach. We love design. We aren’t about to settle for anything less than awesome. We know there are tons of towns out there that don’t have access to designers. What better time for us to help? We hope to make just enough cash to move onto the next town and leave a sweet little wake of awesome design. And this is how Drifting Creatives was born.

So, what’s the plan?
We are leaving from Austin on the 23rd, heading East. We are each bringing 50 bucks, just to get started. The plan is to roll into a town(route still in progress) in the evening, sleep in the car, or someone’s couch (help us out if you can), and then hit up as many businesses as we can for design work. Whatever we make, we use to keep driving. We know this is going to be tough, real tough, but this trip is going to be an incredible learning experience for us. We just want you guys to come along for the ride as we design our way across the country.

Follow us on twitter. We want to hear what you guys think. This is going to be sweet, you don’t want to miss out.

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