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Recently I was feeling really burnt out.

Covid, moving to a fully remote team, losing team members, and an ever evolving sales landscape made it feel like there was a tiger around every corner. I was stressed out, not sleeping well, and having panic attacks somewhat frequently. After talking to friends (and my doctor) about how I felt, I found that I wasn’t alone in feeling like this. Anxiety levels went through the roof in early 2020 and we’ve maintained those unhealthy levels since.

Last week I took some time to completely unplug. I know I’m lucky to have that privilege, but it was the first time in years I’d taken a week completely off. After a few days of detox, I started to become more mindful of all the blessings I have in my life. 10/10 of my happiness boxes are checked, so why was I so stressed? Then I remembered this video from Neal Foard.

We evolved to see tigers around every corner, and it makes our caveman brains overreact to stressors in our modern life.

Remembering that my stressors aren’t life and death helps me recognize my privilege, since there are many dealing with those stakes. Taking the time to clear the fog and reset my stress meter has given me a new outlook on life and will make me a better boss, friend, and partner.

So next time you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and remember:


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