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Hi Texas, we’re back home! Oh no!? Does that mean Drifting Creatives is over? Nope. Drifting Creatives is taking a new road. Our doors have always been open as a traveling design firm, now were a little more planted and our doors are open much wider. We can now take on bigger projects! We’re setting up shop in the East Texas area and our goal is to continue the Drifting part as a yearly excursion to consistently stay inspired. We’re thinking month long trips and focusing more on specific regions. This experience is a huge part of who we are as a firm and we don’t intend to depart from it.

The resource section of our blog is also going to continue to grow. We still have a ton of content to get up on the site, in fact, over the next week, Martin and I will be editing video non-stop. Our new direction is to show a different side of things. We’re essentially going to open the doors to our design firm so wide that everyone can see what’s going on. We want to share all the good/bad experiences of starting a design firm. If you ever have suggestions or questions, email us — driftingcreatives@gmail.com — we’d love to hear from you.

Check out our Hire Us page and be on the look out for a whole lot of scrumptious design goodness in the next couple of days. You wouldn’t believe how much video we have!

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