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One of the perks of meeting with tons of designers is checking out their incredible work. At Turnstyle, we met with, Matt Diefenbach and it was really inspiring to listen to him talk about the work they’ve done. Just watch the video and it is easy to see how stoked he is about each project. Turnstyle is about a 10-man shop. They focus on brand identities, web/interactive and print/packaging. They are located in Seattle, WA.

Definitely go check out their website. Seriously, if you need inspiration, they’ve got some sick projects and the interface is delightful to navigate. turnstylestudio.com/

Oh and check out the sweet car-fresheners they hooked us up with. The smell of innovation is pretty intense, but so much better than the sweet smell of two dudes that have been living out of the car for about a month.
We also found a bottle of Dry soda at a coffee shop when we were in Hayden, ID — right after meeting the guys that designed it. We got excited and told the barista all about it, but he really didn’t care.

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