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Type Design

Type Design with Ken Barnes

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Check out the video for a little taste of how Ken Barnes begins his type construction. His logo process usually begins with creating custom type. One of the many cool opportunities we are exposed to on this trip is being able to see how designers work, their thought process, the tools they use and just the way they solve problems.

In Seattle we met with some awesome people. These two in particular, Ken Barnes and Julie Pogue, helped us out tremendously. They’re both super creative designers. Julie has some very beautiful illustrations and design work. Julie and Ken are a pretty unique couple, not many couples work together like they do. It’s very cool to see their dynamic when it comes together in one of their pieces. Ken focuses on brand creation, interior design and branded architecture. He has done some awesome work for restaurants, where he is involved with every aspect of building the brand from the floor up. Literally, he showed us floor plan layouts, mural designs, menus, logos, packaging — everything. Hopefully one of these days we can get involved with a project that allows us to take on such a wide range of design.

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