Bv Perio

College Station, Texas

A local periodontist trying to expand needed a brand refresh, to help with their business-growth goals.

We helped with new positioning, naming, logo design, and web design to develop a brand that’s approachable, caring, modern, and thoughtful. The new name is easy to remember, search for, and spell compared to its former self – Brazos Valley Periodontics Center. Our goal for the project? Create a safe, easy-to-feel-at-ease environment to help lighten the anxiety most might have when needing the help of a periodontist.

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What we did

Brand Workshop


Logo Design

Custom Web Design

Brand Photography

A first impression can be all that it takes to gain a new customer – or miss out.

There is a fair amount of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding anything dental. We hoped to create an online space that was approachable, but informative, and welcoming but professional. We did not use stock images, because it was important that from the beginning a patient could see where and who would be a part of their procedure.