Pegasus Optimization Managers

College Station, Texas

Ranked #26 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing privately-held businesses in America.

We helped a rapidly growing business, reimagine what an oil and gas company can look like. A modern, high quality service-provider, and nationally recognized company needed an online presence that elevated their current perception. We helped shape the perception, and vision to replicate the quality, and scale at which this team was working. We also learned a whole lot about natural gas compression.

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What we did

Custom Website Design

Custom Animations


Drone Footage


Its all in the stats


Number of months after the launch before getting acquired.


Bounce rate. 25% improvement from previous website.


Number of pages/session. 50% increase from previous website.

Showcase scale above all else

One of our primary goals with the website was to highlight the scale at which Pegasus was able to perform. Strong video and photographic evidence of the equipment, size of projects, and services available was critical. We also provided educational tools in the form of animated illustrations – which helps establish Pegasus as an expert and a resource for educational content.


The design aesthetic is bold, forward-thinking, and unexpected, compared to most oil and gas companies. It stands out in a strong, purposeful way – and provided exactly the impact Pegasus needed to be acquired.

With customers all across the U.S., we traveled to the middle-of-nowhere-New-Mexico and experienced first hand the scale at which this team works. It was amazing.

Natural Gas Compression

We created this animated graphic to illustrate the process Pegasus uses to compress natural gas. As you can see the gas flows through a compressor, gets cooled, then goes into another compressor, cooled again, and then one more time through a compressor. The gas comes out the other end feelin’ a lot more cozy.