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b2b Brand Workshops

Intense full-day, deep dive, business therapy.

We’ve acquired another company, and need to realign our offerings. We’ve been around for 40 years and our business is different now. Our messaging isn’t clear. We want to win larger scale projects/clients. These are the problems we unravel in a brand workshop.

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Brand workshops give marketing teams foundational guidelines and messaging to be consistent and communicate effortlessly.

Our Focus is Clear


At the end of the day, our goal is to help move the needle. That requires action. Everything we do is centered on turning clicks into customers.


Great brands have even greater stories. We help build brand loyalty through storytelling and positioning the customer as the hero, and you as the guide.


Presentation can make a $10 burger look like a $40 dollar burger. Every detail matters when projecting your brand. Perception truly is reality.

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The Nitty Gritty

Brand Workshop Details

01. Establish Competitive Advantages

We’ll dive into what makes your company unique in the market. We’ll compare this to your competitors to find gaps in your market that can be best used to grow your brand.

02. Establish Target Market

We’ll talk about who you’re looking to target with your brand messaging, and make sure we’re creating a brand that speaks to those audiences.

03. Define Personality & Voice

One key to good marketing is consistency. We’ll talk about ways to keep the personality and voice in alignment across different channels.

04. Narrative, Messaging & Positioning

Ultimately, we’ll develop a plan for taglines, clarifying statements, and messaging that will help tell your brand story, and communicate your services/products clearly.

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Meet your strategists.

Gavin Braman and Martin Hooper have been helping businesses get to the next level for over 15 years. They were told to “pretend Martin said something funny” in this photo. They nailed it.

Never Stand Still

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