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Enjoy some random nonsense straight from the element.

This is how cool networking can be: While in Albuquerque, we emailed a freelance designer, Deanna Fusco with SoHo Southwest, in Phoenix the night before we were supposed to be in Phoenix. It was the only designer we got a response from. She responds in the morning and tells us about a gathering of creative folk called Creative Connect that starts at 6pm. We leave Albuquerque immediately and head that way. We make it to Phoenix just in time for the meeting at Design Within Reach. There are a TON of creatives. We met Dan Semenchuk, awesome guy! He started Creative Connect about 7 years ago. Dan gives us an opportunity to tell people what we are doing and we like that. Thanks Dan! We met illustrators, graphic/letterpress/web designers, photographers, marketers, copy-writers, fine artists, developers, etc. Everyone was super nice we’re stoked we were able to hang out. We think this area of Arizona is doing some amazing things to bring the creative community together. Oh and if you don’t believe us here are some sweet photos from the event: here (via Jason Garcia)

We also got to check out a shared work space called Gangplank. We’ve been to a few shared working environments on our trip so far, but this is the first space that is free, anyone can find a place to sit down and grab some internet. They like pirates.

We also interviewed three designers that we think you’re really going to enjoy. Check those out at fuelnetwork.tv very soon.

Here is a drawing Martin was inspired to do while driving through New Mexico.

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