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Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women Inspire.

2 min read

Just wanted to share some of the other random, yet visually exciting things we do. Take a peak at some photos from my last few photo shoots.

For me it’s all about the adventure, not just the final image. The entire experience is fun. Finding new and unusual locations—off the beaten path. Connecting with creative and beautiful models. Styling and experimenting with light and shadow. Stumbling onto cool processes, methods or effects in post-production. It’s nice because it’s just something I do for myself, there’s no pressure and I can do exactly what I want. Experimenting outside of what I do on a daily basis is really important for my brain. Anytime you do the same thing over and over, you’re bound to get stale (no matter how much you love your job, and I really love my job), but when I mix in outside inspiration, or try new things, it really amps up my design work.

I stumbled onto this duotone process below, loved it and I’m now using it in a client project. Real world application!

black and white photography of model with white shirt and tie

forest photography with furry women

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