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Design in East Texas

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Here’s the latest…

We’ve been back in Texas for about a month now. We’ve actually landed a pretty decent amount of work. Enough to keep us busy, but not enough to be working non-stop. As most freelancers/business owners know and we’re quickly finding out, everything comes in waves. In fact, things are about to get really crazy, waiting on a couple of different clients to get back to us/pay initial deposit and then bam, everything is going to hit.

We’re in the process of four really big projects, which we will be able to show around late December / early January. Here are a couple we’ve completed recently. The first is a logo for Anne McCrady in Henderson, Tx. Her business is called InSpiritry and she basically inspires people via seminars, writing, podcasts, poetry, conferences, etc. She brings people together to become better then they thought possible. Anne has been one of the best clients to work for, she trusted our opinions, communicated exactly what she needed and everything went perfectly. Some of the points, from our initial meeting, that Anne wanted realized in the logo were: go out into the world, widen your perception, open up – do more, see more, learn more, come together, grow, etc. These are very abstract ideas, but we think each of them comes together in her new logo.

This next project we did for Speks Creative, a pretty rad design firm in Pheonix. Yes, we design websites! We are not going to lie to you, the website is pretty awesome, we’re really proud of it. Check it out here: http://www.pchbeachball.com/

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