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Bailey Karisch

Senior UI/UX Designer

Bailey is a master problem solver with a deep love for the digital space and Figma. She takes pride in every step of the ui/ux process and her work is characterized by her attention to detail and a strong commitment to create exceptional user experiences that leave a lasting impact for the client and user. From conceptualizing, prototyping, designing, to seeing the launch at the end. She loves all the moving parts of a web project and is driven by the desire to always push boundaries.

When she’s not creating pretty websites or learning the next innovative design tool, Bailey can be found cozing up on her couch to play video games. Whether it be to slay dragons or take down zombies, she loves immersing herself in new worlds and embarking on adventures. Her adventures don’t just stay in the console though. She also loves nature and can be found hiking up mountains and exploring the wilderness any chance she can get.
A few other facts about Bailey. She’s a true crime junkie, dog mom to a fluffy golden doodle and mini schnauzer Aspen and Luna, and on the weekends she stays busy with her side hustle — her wedding photography business. Oh and no matter the situation, she can always pull out a Spongebob reference.


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Some of Bailey’s favorites

Video Game(s)

BioShock, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Minecraft, Stardew Valley

TV Show

Bobs Burgers






Cinnamon Rolls

Comfort Food

Anything in Potato Form

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