Drift began with a 3,000 mile road trip across America, feeding a hunger for exploration and the unknown – ask us about our story sometime. Or sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send the whole, juicy narrative.

Martin Hooper


Gavin Braman


Bailey Karisch

UI/UX Designer

Wade Honeycutt

Web Developer

Kristin Truelove

Producer & Content Strategist

Our Core Values

We are a fiery ball, rocketing through space – fearless and fast. We’re pointed in the right direction and very little can slow us down, but every now and then we need some foundational course correction. Some minor tweaking to our celestial trajectory. We often revisit our core values to realign, reignite, and reposition ourselves.

01Never Stop Exploring.

As team members, encourage personal & work growth at every opportunity. Make the Drift space a place of discovery and endless curiosity. The passion projects, and side hustles, and weird obsessions help define the Drift culture.

Implementation: Ask each other more questions. Read. Mix the freshness with the proven processes. Learn new things outside of your speciality. Have hobbies. Share your hobbies. Teach each other. Be in love with bird watching or candle making. Or science. 

02Find your happy place.

Always strive for a healthy balance of family and work and play. Work should feel like a part of life, not something getting in the way of life.

Implementation: Love the work and work hard – and then take breaks. Stress the importance of pushing the boundaries, but don’t get stressed out. Recognize the need for mental health checks. Celebrate the wins – big or small. Develop healthy habits.

03Work Smarter Not Harder.

Be on the hunt for opportunities to work more efficiently and communicate more clearly. Keep up-to-date about the tools, best practices, standards, etc. in your field. Trust the process. Or make it better. Make everything better.

Implementation: Before every project, evaluate the challenges, and ask this question, “How can this be my greatest project?” 

04Drifters, Mount up.

Always seek opportunities to unite one another. Drift is a team, anyone’s idea is everyone’s idea. Everyone deserves everyone else’s best. Our creative strength comes from each of us as a whole.

Implementation: Be considerate of each other’s situations outside of work. Avoid isolating anyone in conversation or activity. Avoid using “I” or “me” when referring to anything Drift related. Instead use “we”, “us”, or “drift team”.

05Never Stand Still

If we’re not rising, not learning, not pushing forward – we’re stagnant. Never let complacency hold onto our momentum. Be the spark that ignites everyone around you into action. Always – move upward and onward.

Implementation: Challenge the status quo. Ask for more. Push each other. Be a team that feeds off the hunger for greatness.

06Raise the Volume

So you’ve learned some stuff. Now share it. Tell everyone. Find ways to give back to students, colleagues, professionals, clients, etc. Within your own communities, drift communities, local communities, regional communities, etc., share your thoughts, ideas, drift culture, knowledge, etc. Be the experts, but do it with humility. Be confident, but not cocky.

Implementation: If you share work, share the insights and strategy, not just pretty photos. Emphasize the value and the return. Create videos, blog posts, social posts, etc. and share experiences, lessons, failures, tricks, tips, etc. Be transparent – give back.

07I Just Called to Say I Love You.

Our one job is to serve our clients. Our business is successful because we help our clients be more successful.

Implementation: Find ways to promote our clients and share their successes. Always be grateful and show our appreciation for their partnership. Speak positively about our clients around the office and outside of it. Love the brands we represent.