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Martin Hooper

Co-founder & Creative Director

Martin Hooper is a founding partner and the creative director at Drift. His aesthetic was shaped by growing up surrounded by the vintage hand-painted signage that still exists in East Texas. He got his start working for a print shop in high school. He fell in love with screen printed posters, became obsessed with design, and hasn’t looked back since.

Over the span of his career he’s helped shape hundreds of brands, but still loves the challenge of crafting something unique everyday. A graduate of Texas A&M University, College Station, TX was a natural place for him to put down roots. He currently lives with in Bryan with his two amazing dogs.

Before founding Drift, Martin worked several agency and in-house jobs. He likes sweater weather, golf, and watching football. His mother tells him he’s a blast to hang out with. Martin was last clean shaven in October of 2009 after a poor choice of halloween costume. His philosophy is that design is an organic, team-driven process, and believes that great design should feel truly timeless.

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Some of Martin’s favorites


Adobe Illustrator & DJay Pro

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Nike Air Max 90


Drinking Beer with Friends


Derrick Castle

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