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Gavin Braman

Co-founder & Creative Director

Gavin co-founded Drift to produce great work for even greater clients. More than a decade later, he’s helped cultivate a creative hub of talented folks who produce industry-leading work. He’s inspired every day by a team he humbly describes as more talented, thoughtful, and cooler than him.

When he’s not offering sharp, insightful creative direction or leading large-scale digital projects, he resumes his quest to improve Drift for his team and clients. Combing through books, podcasts, conferences, and any other learning ops he can find, he welcomes progressive ideas and new technology. His propensity for growth led him to be an early adopter of the 4-day work week — a way to offer his team better work-life balance (with less work and more living).


He has won numerous awards for web design and branding, has spoken or presented at regional and national design conferences, and has over 10 years of experience designing websites. Gavin was also formerly a lecturer at Texas A&M University where he taught typography & branding.


He and his wife, Kristy, share two wildly curious kiddos, a love of board games, and a penchant for rock climbing. With over 100K followers, you can also find him on TikTok sharing the perplexing, ever-amusing experiences of parenthood.

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Some of Gavin’s favorites


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Two Bobs



Board Game



Palm Tree Leaves

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