GD USA American Packaging Award for Blackwater Draw

April 20, 2017

American Packaging Design Winner

Hey! We won an award for the packaging design we did for Blackwater Draw Brewery! (We love beer and beverage packaging!) Drift was recently included among the winners of the GD USA American Packaging design awards.

Drift Wins American Packaging Award


And for a little throwback – we found THE 2009 issue of GD USA Magazine that started it all. In 2009 – when it was just Martin and I (Gavin) – GD USA magazine did a tiny write-up on our Drifting Creatives trip that started the company (Oh, you haven’t read about that yet? Go here and click on “Origin Story”). Now seven years later, we’ve made it back into the GD USA magazine as an award winning marketing and branding agency.


GD USA Magazine featuring Drift

The GD USA American Packaging Design Awards features incredible packaging design across a variety of industries and packaging types. We’re thrilled to be included among such talented design agencies from across the country.

Cool, right?

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