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Html5tx Conference Experience

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Last weekend we got to see all our hard work on the Html5tx Conference come together for a pretty epic experience. The event was put together by a really rad group of people and we were lucky enough to be a part of it. We did all the branding for the conference, logo, website, t-shirts, name badges, posters, stickers and maybe some other things I’m forgetting. It was just so awesome to see everything we did working together to enhance all the little visual details of the conference. If you want to check out the work we did, here’s a link to the project in our portfolio: html5tx project.

Oh and we even presented at the conference! We did a live critique of this website: developersmackdown.com. Clark Sell, the owner of the site, was part of the panel (along with Brandon Satrom, who moderated) and Martin and I just went to town on all the things we’d change to make the site more effective. We even had a fancy PowerPoint! I think about 100 people showed up for our session. I was really nervous and one of Martin’s jokes failed big time. Everything else went pretty smoothly though.

Below is a photo of one half of the room at our session. Just before we started I asked if I could photograph everyone doing the html5 gang sign. Yes. There is an html5 gang sign.

Below is a shot of one of the schedule posters.

Below is Clark Sell, the Developer Smackdown dude. Check out the shirt and water bottle he’s rocking.

Below is Brandon Satrom, mastermind behind the html5tx conference. See the sticker on the laptop?

Hey Look! It’s Martin.

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