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Internship Introduction

Internship Introduction

2 min read

Hello friends, Eric Hubbard here, and I am the brand new intern here at Drifting Creatives. Being a student here in College Station and being a designer, I’ve known about Drift for quite some time and have been a big fan of their work. When I found out that they were hiring a summer intern, I knew I had to apply, which I did, and hoped for the best. After submitting my portfolio and an interview I found out the job was mine. I was pretty excited coming into work on the first day and was ready to dive right in, except for the whole adobe creative cloud crashing, but we won’t get into that. The Drift office is such a unique place to work in. From the art that shows their Texas roots, to the old school printing press, to the golf simulator, (yes…there is a golf simulator, because we all need to hone our skills from tee to green) you’re sure to find some source of inspiration just within these four walls.

Just like any internship, one would expect to be doing a lot of the grunt work, whether it be the stuff they all put off or the stuff that none of them wanted to do, but that wasn’t the case. Immediately, I was given a catalog project for a client they had just landed that day! It was pretty cool to see the trust they instilled in me to take the job head on and deal with just about every aspect of the project, from the actual work to communicating with the client. I also used it as a learning experience, to see how they deal and communicate with their clients and how they deal with different obstacles that are thrown into the equation. After about a weeks worth of work on the catalog, I was ready to send over the draft to the client for them to review, and was I nervous! They emailed back that evening and when I saw how happy they were with the final product I had produced, I immediately felt a sense of accomplishment and was super stoked when I found out that my first project potentially landed Drift some more work from them.

Aside from the catalog, most of the past two weeks have been spent on the long-awaited brand new website for one of our biggest clients, Brute Outdoors. Not having much of a web background, I again, was pretty nervous, but they were super helpful and made sure I understood processes before just throwing all of the work at me. I did a lot of populating, moving over content from the old website to the new one, as well as helped with some of the copy and content for the website. After, what i’m sure was months, of work, we were finally able to go live with their new website today, and let me just say (with an un-biased opinion of course), it’s a badass website for an awesome company. All-in-all it’s been a busy and fun-filled first two weeks of my internship and I’m sure there will be much more to come in the upcoming few months.

All work aside, the three guys, Gavin, Martin, and Spencer, that make up Drift are three of the coolest guys to work for and with, and I couldn’t think of a better place to internship at. That’s all for now. Stay tuned to see what other cool projects we’ll be cranking out this summer and read more from my experience here at Drifting Creatives.

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