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Meet Our UI/UX Designer, Bailey

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She’s a master problem solver and quite possibly holds the record for the largest number of Figma boards used by one single human.

Meet our UI/UX Designer, Bailey.  

Bailey graduated from Sam Houston State University with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2016. We were looking for a savvy designer to add to our team when we stumbled upon her work online. After a few phone calls, we had convinced her to move to College Station and join the family.

For over 5 years, Bailey has been designing beautiful & functional digital spaces to help our clients tell their stories and connect to their users. Her favorite part about her job is…well, the entire thing. There are so many moving parts with web design — like conceptualizing, testing accessibility, prototyping — the list goes on. To her, watching the jigsaw puzzle come together in the end feels like a reward.  

On the weekends, Bailey stays busy with her side hustle — her wedding photography business. She is a video game enthusiast, proud mother to two furry friends, Luna & Aspen, and loves exploring the outdoors. She loves food, specifically mashed potatoes and good ‘ole Torchy’s Trashy Trailer Park taco (iykyk).

Her love for web design blossomed during the MySpace era, but we are thrilled to have Bailey leading us into the future of design.

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