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Mom Clients

Moms can be the toughest clients.

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My mom asked me to design a card she could send out for the holidays. I asked her what she wanted the card to say and she just said, “…something traditional.” Ugh…boring.

Here’s what I did. She hates it. I love it.

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Needless to say I had to redo it.

This kinda got me thinking. Obviously, I knew my mom’s 50 year old Hungarian relatives wouldn’t find the card all that funny. Not exactly the right audience. I did it anyways…because it was fun. Do fun things! It will help with the not-so-exciting projects. Not that we could ever have a client bring us a project that we weren’t 100% stoked on, but just in case! 😉

Merry Christmas. Happy [insert whatever you are celebrating here]!

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